8ight Global Telecoms – Your No.1 Internet Connectivity & Digital Payment Solution

8ight Global Telecoms is a technology company solving internet connectivity and digital payment problems for Africans and businesses in Africa. Their goal is to improve the technology sector of Africa and consistently deliver state of the arts solutions in various technology areas for Africans.

About 8ight Global Telecoms

8ight Global Telecoms was founded in 2018 by a group of young Africans with a passion to create a remarkable change in the technology sector of Africa. With their partners, they formed a close-knit team of young professionals skilled at solutions for facilitating information technology and digital business optimisation.


8ight Global’s major focus is geared towards building a smart continent, one city at a time, through the use of technology. Their areas of specialisation are, but not limited to:

Internet Service Provision & Payment Gateway Management:

Digital technology is so broad today as to encompass almost everything. No product is made today, no person moves today, nothing is collected, analysed or communicated without some form of digital technology being an integral part of it and we intend to make this a seamless experience for you through a faster, reliable and safe internet connection. 8ight Global is extending Nigeria’s largest City Wi-Fi across the continent, Powering ideas with a simple click.

The brand also embraces the convenience of a cashless society; they offer a wide range of payment gateway management options for your everyday financial transactions, built specifically for Africans and Businesses in Africa.


8ight Global maintains close contact with their international and local partners, which means that they are always informed about the latest technological developments and can therefore provide clients with the best solutions at the best price. They like to work with companies that believe quality is important and have proven themselves in the market.

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