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Welcome to the A.C.E Family. At A.C.E, we believe life is never about the cards you've been dealt, but rather how you play your cards. If you can dream it, we can achieve it together. Success is not a game of luck; it involves planning and calculated moves. Play Your Cards Right!

HenryDerex Inc

Meet The Founders

Amadi victor obisike

Amadi Victor Obisike

Co-Founder (A.C.E Nigeria)

life is a gamble so put all your bet on you and you will discover it was worth the risk

Henry Derex-Briggs

Henry Derex-Briggs is a graduate of the United States International University Kenya, with a degree in International Business Administration. He is the founder of Ace Cards Entertainment, a company which started off in Nairobi, Kenya in 2009.

Use our
not yours

A.C.E can:
  • Help you work on your event idea.
  • Help you plan the event.
  • Connect you with the best vendors.
  • Produce all aspect of the event.
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